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Oct 20, 2021

What material drill bit is used for deep hole processing

In the modern machining industry, it is usually called a standard drill bit when the processing hole depth is 5-8 times the diameter, and when the processing hole depth is 10 times the diameter and above, it is called a deep hole processing drill; that is, the hole depth and The ratio of apertures; what material is generally used for deep hole processing drills to achieve better results?

Deep hole drilling has uniform cutting force distribution, good chip separation and chip breaking performance, stable and reliable drilling, and good straightness of the deep hole drilled. It is an important link in the development of machining and the most difficult to control;

The deep hole processing technology is complicated, and the deep hole processing process is relatively complicated. If the processing is not done properly, it is easy to cause eccentricity, large diameter or poor chip removal. Therefore, each processing link needs to be controlled to effectively ensure the entire deep hole. Processing effect;

In the machinery manufacturing industry, cylindrical holes with a hole depth of more than 10 times the hole diameter are generally called deep holes. According to the ratio of hole depth to hole diameter (L/D), deep holes can usually be divided into three types: general hole depth, medium hole depth and special hole depth.

(1) L/D=10~20, which belongs to the general hole depth. It is often processed with a long twist drill on a drill press or a lathe.

(2) L/D=20~30, it belongs to medium deep hole. Often processed on a lathe.

(3) L/D=30~100, it belongs to special deep hole. It must be processed on a deep hole drilling machine or special equipment using a deep hole drill.

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